Kids eyewear in Elmont

Kids Eyewear in Elmont

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Your child deserves the best possible vision that she or he is capable of having, and here at Fabulous Optical, we provide the eyeglasses that accomplish that, with a precisely crafted pair of lenses housed with a sturdy, stylish pair of designer frames. And we don’t expect your child to wear ones that were made to fit adults. Our kids eyewear in Elmont is fashioned specifically to meet the needs, preferences, and comfort level of your child.

As excited as he or she may be to wear a pair of great-looking eyeglasses, first things must come first, and that means a simple, effective eye exam performed by our optometrist. After all, it is only with the proper prescription that your child will have sharpness and clarity of vision in spite of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or any combination of them. Once the prescription has been written, it is up to our optical department to make it into a pair of lenses. All that remains is for you and your child to select from our kids eyewear in Elmont. Fashion is a high priority, of course, but so is comfort. We carry various colors and shapes because every child is different. Yours may like the attention that her or his frames bring. Or he or she may be more shy and want the look of our kids eyewear in Elmont to be subtle. We can suit both of those concerns, as well as those in between. And when it comes to comfort, there is simply no doubt that when frames pinch your child’s nose or dig in around her or his ears, there is less enthusiasm about wearing them. Not only will we make certain they don’t do those things, but neither will they be too loose on him or her.

Just contact our office to arrange an eye exam for your child.

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