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Kew Gardens Eye Test

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Diabetic eye testing in Kew Gardens

Diabetes manifests itself in the eyes in the form of a very serious eye condition known as diabetic retinopathy. The diabetes damages the blood vessels in the extremely delicate retina, which is the tissue at the back of the eye where light is focused. In an eye affected by retinopathy the blood vessels may start to swell and leak or new unwanted blood vessels may emerge. In either case the results can be devastating, the patient can experience blurry vision, see floaters and eventually lose vision. Our eye doctor at Fabulous Optical can help detect, diagnose and treat diabetic retinopathy through a Kew Gardens eye test.

Unfortunately, diabetic retinopathy develops without warning and usually without noticeable symptoms. Once vision is lost it cannot be restored. A comprehensive Kew Gardens eye test by our eye doctor is the only way to diagnose the disease in its early stages. To examine the retina and other structures deep inside the eye our doctor will first place some drops in the eyes to dilate them so that the structures inside are visible. A special magnifying lens is used to see into the eye and check all the structures for abnormalities and signs of the various conditions, such as tears or holes in the retina, abnormal blood vessels, leaks, floaters, detachments and deteriorating areas of the macula. Our doctor uses specialized tests and equipment to examine the retina and macula, such as a fluorescein angiogram where a dye is injected into the arm and photographs are taken to detect the dye’s movements through the blood vessels of the eye, especially the retina to detect blockages or leaks. Our doctor can also use an optical coherence tomography test, which uses a laser to measure the thickness of the retina and macula.

Our eye doctor can help manage and significantly slow the progression of the disease through a number of treatments depending on the stage and degree of severity including medications, control of blood sugar as well as laser surgery to stop leakages. The best defense is an annual dilated Kew Gardens eye test to detect the disease early especially if the patient is diabetic, so call our office for an appointment.

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