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Importance of a yearly eye examination in Briarwood

Briarwood optometry office
Briarwood optometry office

The importance of a yearly eye examination can not be overstated. Just as you need to have an annual physical with your primary doctor, you should also have a complete checkup of your eye wellness and vision here at Fabulous Optical in order to account for periodic changes that could put you at risk for damage to your eyes and to ensure that you’re enjoying the sharpest and clearest vision of which you’re capable.

You may currently have contacts or eyeglasses, or have never had need for corrective lenses before, but that doesn’t mean you cannot benefit from an eye exam at our Briarwood optometry office. You may be seeing okay, but there can also be significant room for improvement. And if your sight is sub par, it can lead to eye strain, headaches, and even create danger for you, such as when you drive. New or updated prescription lenses can make a surprising difference. There’s no reason that you should settle for less than optimal vision. There is another reason, though, that you should make a trip to our Briarwood optometry office each year. And that is to be screened for the most common eye diseases; ones which do not present any noticeable symptoms in their early stages. It’s because of this that you need an eye exam yearly. If cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, or diabetic retinopathy were to reach an advanced stage, you could suffer with outcomes that cannot be reversed. Instead, with prompt diagnosis and treatment, you will have a great opportunity for the progress of the disease to be halted, even if curing it is not possible.

Contact our Briarwood optometry office right now. We will find a convenient time for you to come in for an appointment and have a thorough checkup done by our Jamaica Queens eye doctor.

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